Sales stands (floor)

  • For floor stands is very important design and functionality.
  • Stands are usually considerably loaded and stressed by daily contact with customers directly at the point of sale for a period of several weeks or months.

The usual procedure in the development of the stand

  • On the stand is placed many requirements such as appearance, price, overall dimensions, dimensions of shelves, capacity, accessibility, etc..
  • If we know the customer's requirements, we can advise you how the stand should look like.
    • Create a 3D drawing and calculation.
    • Produce white mock 1:1 so that they are consistent aesthetic and technical requirements.
    • If you need to do is mock-printed.
    • The lower it is necessary to load and test load.

In cca 90% stands are made of 90% corrugated cardboard laminated with printed paper. Sheets for laminating are usually printed by offset and laminated or varnished at least.