Take advantage of finished and proven designs,,cs,When ordering a selected product, you do not have to pay for the development of the model and speed up the start of production,,cs,To what drawings do we have the physical cutting punch on request,,cs,Some less used and damaged punches must be discarded,,cs,however, due to the proven design we are still on the list,,cs!

  • Graphics simply put in already finished drawing.
  • When you order you do not have to pay mock-up development and you also speed up start of production..
  • Both the drawings and the physical cutting punch are available on request,cs. Některé méně používané a poničené raznice se musí vyřadit, nicméně vzhledem k osvědčené konstrukci je stále necháváme v seznamu.

If you do not select from our standard:

  • We will create design solutions to fit your needs, including the production of realistic mock.
  • In small series manufacture your products on the digital plotter, without producing die.

Examples of standards (see category on the left)